If you request the natural gas connection by 12/31/2021, you can pay the fees and installation charges in 6 fixed interest-free installments . You can pay these directly in the first six monthly service bills.

If you enroll in the early bird plan you can pay for the digging and covering of the ditch (sidewalk repair is not included), the complete service and the installation of the meter in installments, as applicable. The connection process is fast and simple, and once the work is approved you need only go once to your nearest Camuzzi Commercial Office with the following documentation:

  • Property deed, rental contract or sworn statement of address issued by the National Register of Persons (original deed and photocopy).
  • Identity document (original and photocopy).
  • Any paid property tax bill on the property where the service is to be supplied (original and photocopy).
  • Proof of payment of grid extension (where necessary).