We are more than 50,000 kilometers of pipes joining Buenos Aires with Tierra del Fuego.

We are the warmth in your home, the power for your factory, the growth for your business and the fuel in your car. We are a company with over 1700 people who are deeply committed to providing a safe, continuous, quality service to over 2 million families, businesses and manufacturing plants.

Thinking of those millions of users who use our energy to transform it into something better, we have carried out a profound transformation within the company and in the seven provinces where we operate, connecting thousands of new users and improving customer service through technological innovation.

To reflect this process of continuous improvement, we have renewed our identity, leaving behind the word “gas”, creating a new logo and a new slogan that represents what we are: “More than energy”. The new logo combines the symbol for infinity with the goal of delivering the main characteristic of the service we provide every day: continuity without any interruptions.


The characters, joined together forming the word “Camuzzi”, reference the over 50,000 kilometers of pipes in grids, branches and gas pipelines connecting Buenos Aires, La Pampa, Neuquén, Río Negro, Chubut, Santa Cruz and Tierra del Fuego. The palette retains the brand’s blue, but with a new fade that goes from light to dark, forming a “living logo”, with continuity being the only constant.


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