Accident prevention and care for the environment are central axes of our work and are part of it. We work with high safety standards and minimizing the environmental impact of our activities, thus contributing to the well-being of the communities in which we operate.

In this line of work, all our works have the Safety Programs and Environmental Studies that are required, in order to identify, prevent and mitigate the potential risks of accidents, occupational diseases and environmental impacts that they may produce.

In addition, we carry out all our activities under the requirements of an Integrated Safety and Environmental Management System, which is in line with current legislation and ENARGAS regulations.

In this way, we guarantee a responsible action that allows the continuous improvement of our management in these aspects, respecting the guiding principles established in our Safety, Occupational Health and Environment Policy, which we present below:
Camuzzi, as a provider of the public natural gas distribution service, considers safety, occupational health and environmental protection as an integral part of its activities. These aspects are a responsibility of all levels and members of the organization, and are part of the work of each of them.

Camuzzi assumes responsibility for caring for the safety of people and the environment, and for this it declares the following principles: